Meet Kimberly Massey

Kimberly Massey is a progressive Visionary, talented Public Speaker, Ordained Minister, Business Finance Consultant, Author, Entrepreneur and inspiring leader to many seeking to grow, improve and thrive on a mental, financial, professional and spiritual level.

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The Speaker

Kimberly is an engaging and articulate speaker, with the wisdom to capture a widely diverse demographic audience. She will add the charisma and focus that you have been wanting for your successful event. Kimberly welcomes the opportunity to customize a presentation based on your theme and organizational needs. Below, is a short-list of topics that many have found to be of significant relevance.  

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The Entrepreneur

KIMCORP Financial Consultants can help you get business loans and credit lines when banks and alternative lenders say “NO”. And, with our abundance of finance sources and programs, we can help you get the most amount of money at the best terms. Contact us today to see how much money you can get now!

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The Author

Finding the right relationship has never been easy, especially for most women.  In many instances, women continue staying with men who will only break their hearts.  This is a cycling process wherein a woman who has undergone such bad relationships will experience the same scenario with “the same man” in a different body.  Anyone who is looking for the best resource to redirecting love, life and energy to a favorable relationship, Pouring My Love In Broken Vessels, The Relationship Reference Guide by Kimberly Massey is the ideal option! Here is a list of the Chapters in Pouring My Love In Broken Vessels, The Relationship: I Am a Gallon; He Is a Shot Glass The Shattered-Glass Man The Gaping-Hole Man-What Goes In Comes Right Back Out The Cracked-Pot Man Paper or Plastic, Ma’am? The Untempered-Glass Man Flesh and Boner The Honorable Vessel You Pay Dearly for Your Learning

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