Kimberly is an engaging and articulate speaker, with the wisdom to capture a widely diverse demographic audience. She will add the charisma and focus that you have been wanting for your successful event. Kimberly welcomes the opportunity to customize a presentation based on your theme and organizational needs. Below, is a short-list of topics that many have found to be of significant relevance.

When the Storm IS Your Shelter

Designed to inspire and empower navigation through transition.

Living means changing.  Transition is inevitable. Many people, professionals, organizations and relationships are shipwrecked during the turbulence of the storms of transition. There is a better way. Kimberly articulates with pristine clarity how storms are a natural process of growth and how they can be used to create and establish effective outcomes and increased results.

  • You will develop a sustainable approach to leadership by applying firm principles and relevant practices.
  • You will synthesize an effective plan to clearly direct your course and the team you lead.
  • You will gain a robust understanding of how to leverage the ebbs and flows of upheaval in contemporary settings.

Progression in Reverse         

What is your perspective, Rearview or window shield?

The past is unquestionably certain and unequivocally unchangeable.  Yet, so much energy thought and emotion is given to the past. In stark contrast, the present and the future are both ambiguous but each is abundant in hope, opportunity, and potential. In this KEYNOTE TOPIC

  • You will learn to identify the covert behaviors and subversive thought processes that progressively hinder your forward motion and success.
  • You will be prepared to effectively apply theories of well-being and wholeness to redirect your attitude and actions to achieve your targeted goals.
  • You will emerge inspired, motivated and empowered with fresh ideas and a renewed dedication to invigorate your passion and purpose.