Finding the right relationship has never been easy, especially for most women.  In many instances, women continue staying with men who will only break their hearts.  This is a cycling process wherein a woman who has undergone such bad relationships will experience the same scenario with “the same man” in a different body.  Anyone who is looking for the best resource to redirecting love, life and energy to a favorable relationship, Pouring My Love In Broken Vessels, The Relationship Reference Guide by Kimberly Massey is the ideal option!

Here is a list of the Chapters in Pouring My Love In Broken Vessels, The Relationship:

I Am a Gallon; He Is a Shot Glass

The Shattered-Glass Man

The Gaping-Hole Man-What Goes In Comes Right Back Out

The Cracked-Pot Man

Paper or Plastic, Ma’am?

The Untempered-Glass Man

Flesh and Boner

The Honorable Vessel

You Pay Dearly for Your Learning

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